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About Enbede Co.

Enbede Co. was established in 1979 as an offshoot of a new ventures group for GTE Lighting Products (now Osram/Sylvania).  Enbede Co. provides product development services ranging from concept generation, to intellectual property protection, design, testing, prototyping, manufacturing and marketing.  We also offer tailored services in the area of Knowledge Management, technology transfer and utilization of Internet technologies. 

Enbede Co. is also a source of new products.  We have a broad network of inventors and professional product developers who create new products in a variety of industries.  A number of internally developed products are available for licensing.  If you represent a company with established and profitable market distribution channels, we just might have your next new allied product.  Contact us now to start the process of determining whether there is a fit between your market need and our ready-made solutions.

One of the current areas of activities is in working with inventions/inventors providing solutions to major environmental challenges.  These solutions include making motor vehicles less polluting and more energy efficient, making air cleaner and handling medical and hazardous wastes, and providing energy recovery from disposable plastics.  Some of this work is being done in conjunction with a non-profit foundation Innovative Products Research & Services.  See also our highlighted inventor, Dr. D.S. Kim. and some details of his environmental inventions on the IPRS site (see Inventor Highlight).

Enbede Co. is a place where individual initiative and creativity can find a home amidst like-minded team members having sufficiently diverse backgrounds to provide the insight, resources and commitment necessary to carry forward a new product commercialization project.  If you are an inventor/product designer with a patent-protectable product looking for a marketing partner, Contact us now to start the process of determining whether there is a fit between your product and our marketing outlets.

Our founder, Dr. Donald Job has more than 35 years experience in carrying out basic research, product development projects, and marketing programs in a variety of industries.  He has worked for a number of major companies ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, telecommunications, lighting products, consumer appliances, environmental products and to information technology.  He has been active in a number of professional scientific, engineering and business associations and is a past president of the Inventors Association of New England and the United Inventors Association of USA.

Enbede Co. has provided product development services to hundreds of clients ranging in size from single individuals to Fortune 100 companies. The range of services includes business plan development, patent portfolio management, creativity training, market analysis, technology assessments, manufacturing outsourcing and technical documentation.

More details are provided on Dr. Job's LinkedIn account (https://www.linkedin.com/in/donald-job...), through ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Donald_Job ) and on the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Job+DD[Author] )

Publications and presentations relating to Invention Development may be found at  NBD_Pubs.htm

For Life Sciences research work by Dr. Job see another site: www.IPRSinc.org under the following link: http://www.IPRSinc.org/IPRS_Pubs-Ions-DJ.htm

How To Contact Us

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