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Enbede Services

Technology Transfer & Business Development Services

    * Finding new technologies - university, government, and private sources

Have a design or manufacturing problem in need of a solution?  Perhaps we can find the answer or at least a helpful resource.  Contact Us today.

    * Brokering new products or technologies developed internally and/or externally

Need a new product to enter a new market or expand an existing one?   Let us supplement your R&D and licensing efforts and bring out new products faster.

Have a valuable technology or product you don't want to commercialize?  Let us find a home for it and get you a return on your R&D investment.

We have experience and networking contacts in medical products, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, consumer household products, appliances, environmental products manufacturers, software firms and many more.

Consulting Services

    * Provide training in creative problem solving and enhancing the culture of innovation

Help your staff think outside the box with easy-to-implement tools and establish a culture of innovation with appropriate incentives.  Half-day and one-day workshops available.

    * Provide program management oversight, especially of outsourced components

Off-site product testing and evaluation can divert your engineers from their principal tasks.  Documentation of procedures and processes for QA or intellectual property purposes is often the least favorite task of scientists and engineers.  Let us be the short term solution.

    * Provide Knowledge Management services

Identify and capture for future use in-house expertise, procedures, engineering and business processes and policies.  We make it easier to build upon the knowledge and expertise of current employees.  Possible outputs include book form, chart form, web-based databases or external drive-based databases with hyperlinked and bookmarked entries.

   * Individualized inventor counseling services

We have provided individualized counseling to hundreds of inventors assisting in defining market opportunities, developing an economical approach to protection of inventive concepts, designing products that are economical to produce and implement.

Competitive Analysis

    * Provide insights into who is working in your technology space.

    * Develop a tracking system to monitor patenting activity worldwide.

    * Integrate intellectual property activity into your normal business intelligence process.

Intellectual Property Services

    * Provide patent searches (U.S. and international) for portfolio analysis and valuation
       (often required by investors as part of due diligence).

    * Provide trademark / trade name (state and national) searches for new products and
       new businesses.

    * Assist in filing and prosecution of patents and trademarks.

    * Review strategy for international protection in PCT countries.

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