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Enbede Co. Research

Over the years Enbede Co. has been involved in developing dozens of products in numerous different markets and employing many different disciplines ranging from physics (optics, electricity, mechanics), chemistry (biochemistry, organic, inorganic), biology (horticulture, medical/physiology, dermatology, genomics and proteomics), and engineering (electrical, software, mechanical, nuclear, computer science, et al.).   Some of those have been in conjunction with very large companies, others with very small companies or even individuals.

One of our more active areas is in the life sciences.  Much of the current emphasis is in support of the non-profit foundation IPRS (Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc.). We support investigations into novel protein identification in mineral metabolism as well as provide computer analysis and software development support.  One area under development is to model biological systems and to provide mathematical analysis and simulations of complex systems. Such models may be useful in computer-aided diagnostics as well as protein discovery.

A second broad area of interest is in the environment.  This commitment is an outgrowth of teaching and developing education materials for classes Dr. Job developed at the Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. Current concerns are air pollution from mobile and stationary sources of combustion of hydrocarbons and the growing accumulation of solid wastes and plastics in our eco-systems.  In this regard we support the many inventions of Dr. Dae Sik Kim, a combustion engineer.  He has developed prototype systems for low polluting vehicles as well as for clean burning of waste and a painting system that drastically reduces emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the application of paints.  For more information on Dr. Kim's background click here: Dr. Kim

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